Why We Value Worship

We’re Made For Worship

Worship doesn’t begin when the music starts, it begins when you say yes to Jesus. Worship is a lifestyle that acknowledges, trusts, and thanks God in every moment of life.

We Worship Together

When we gather, we express our devotion to God through times of praise and thanksgiving.

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7 Hebrew Words for Praise

We invite you to study some of these examples of praise found in scripture and try them out. Experience the power of praise.


This means to kneel down, to Bless God as an act of adoration


This means to throw out the hand, to worship with the extended hand


This means an extension of the hand in adoration or acceptance


This means to address in a loud tone, to triumph, glory, shout!


This means to be clear, to shine, to boast, celebrate, be clamorously foolish


This means to touch the strings, to pluck the strings and sing along


This means to sing, to laud; praise that God inhabits

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