COVID-19 Update

Update from Pastor Derek

In-person gatherings on pause.

Posted on February 6

**Update: We will be meeting online only February 7th with the plan to come back in person on February 14th! Details coming soon.

Hey River Family, 

We have loved meeting together again in person on Sunday mornings. It’s been 5 months since we re-entered our building and it’s been going well. I know we’ve created a safe environment for those attending. However, after hearing from our Public Health Director, I believe it is time to take a pause for the sake of our hospitals and healthcare professionals. 

The following notice was issued on Tuesday (January 12) of this week:

Public Health Director Announces Three-Week Directive to Protect Residents from COVID-19: As the number of COVID-19 cases in Mecklenburg County continue to grow at an exponential rate – from an average of 100 cases per day in September, to an average of 900 cases per day in mid-January – Public Health is issuing a specific directive for the people of Mecklenburg County for the next three weeks. The Directive is effective immediately and will remain in effect for the next three weeks, until February 2, 2021.

I’ve spoken with our board members and staff today. We all believe that this is an important way we can serve the hospitals that are struggling as well as honor the request of our top public health official. One of our members, a respiratory therapist, told me the situation is critical and he is confident this is a wise decision.


I know many may be disappointed that we are pausing our in-person Sunday morning gatherings, but please understand that I feel this is the best course of action. Hitting pause for three weeks will insure we are part of the solution our public health officials are calling for. 

Look at it this way – for the next 3 weeks the entire River family will be together again in one space… online! Let’s use this as an opportunity to invite others (hit that share button), speak (comment) with those who have been unable to join us live, and grow in patience and flexibility. Hey, if Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before him (that would be you), then certainly you can endure this season with a joyful hope and a great attitude. 

Remember that our prayers are powerful so continue to stand in faith for an end to this virus. Also, this is a decision based on love. Love doesn’t insist on it’s own rights but considers others. We are citizens of Heaven that occupy the Charlotte region and we will love our city well! 

Sarah and I love you all and appreciate your heart to love everyone the most.

Love you all, 
Pastor Derek 

Our Reentry Plan

We’re back in person!

Step 2 Reentry

Begins November 29 at 10:00 am EST

If you are in an at risk category we ask that you stay home and participate with our online service on YouTube or Facebook. As always, live by faith and let peace be the umpire in all your decisions.

Please familiarize yourself with the steps we are taking while meeting in person to provide for a healthy environment.

Learn About Step 2

We Are Practicing Distancing
Upon arrival, please follow the signs and stay 6 feet apart. See here for River Kids info. Please wait for the host to guide you to your seat. Families or those who feel comfortable can sit together! In order to create a spacious environment, our seating arrangement has been adjusted to provide adequate 6ft spacing between rows in our auditorium.

Remember to respect the personal space of others by asking before hugging, touching, or getting in close proximity.

We recommend getting to church a little early for this new seating process, and it’s good to be early for church anyway right? :)

One Entrance and One Exit
At the end of service, each row will be dismissed by our hosts who will lead you to the exit door. Please stay seated until your row is dismissed.

We are mandating masks or face coverings for all our volunteers. Per the Governor’s orders, we encourage everyone in attendance to wear a mask or face covering. If you need one, we have a limited number available as you enter the service.

Please bring your own coffee/tea/water with you to church. At this time our coffee and tea bar will be closed.

The facility will be cleaned before and after each service and high touch surfaces will be cleaned during service. Automated hand sanitizing stations are located at the entry and exit of the auditorium.

Bathrooms will be limited to 2 people at a time. Please remember to thoroughly wash your hands.

At-Risk Attendees
We encourage anyone who is considered at risk to stay home during Step 1 and worship with us online.

Please Stay Home…
If any of the following applies to you, please stay home and worship with us online. Please let us know if we can pray for you or if you need any help.

○ You aren’t feeling well

○ Temperature of 100 or more in the last 24 hours

○ Cough or sore throat 

○ Shortness of breath 

○ Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 10 days)

River Kids During Step 2

During this time, we will only provide classes for children 2 years through 5th grade. The guppies room will be clean and ready for nursing mothers, diaper changing, or getting some energy out.

Check In
When you arrive, head to the River Kids check-in station. After a quick temperature check we will get them signed into their classroom.

Pick Up
After your row has been dismissed by your host, head through the lobby for River Kids pick up. Wait on a socially distanced spot and the River Kids team will bring your child to you in the hallway. Once you have your child/ren, please proceed to the exit.

Stay informed by continuing to check your email,, and our social media accounts.
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Plan A Visit

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